Baked Salmon

Here is another dish that I like to share with you. Of course it is part of my healthy diet. This is a very simple and healthy dish and it take 5 min to pare it. Below you will find the recipe and instructions.


Salmon (depending for how many people you are cooking)

Coconut oil

Curcuma powder

Red pepper powder


Black pepper

Oregano (optional)

Or you can use already prepared mixed spices for fish

Aluminum foil


In a baking sheet with aluminum foil ley down the fish. In a bowl mix all the ingredient well and cover the fish on the baking sheet. With your hands apply the mixture well all over the fish. Bakke for 15-20 min depending of the oven. Serve with some chopped cilantro and parmesan if you like.

Easy and delicious.

Enjoy it!

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